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[podcast] Oral Care Innovations in This COVID-19 Time

Contact Author Rachel Grabenhofer with Guglielmo Bifulco, Ph.D., Kalichem
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Podcast sponsored by: Kalichem Italia SRL

Oral care, as an essential consumer product segment, has helped to carry the cosmetic and personal care industry through unknown COVID-19 times. And like other categories, it too has been reshaped by changing consumers needs; as well as innovation.  

In this interview, sponsored by Kalichem, Guglielmo Bifulco, Ph.D., scientific marketing manager for the company, shares insights on the current oral care market, how it has changed and future directions. "The oral care market has always been one of the most conservative fields ... the industry has been focused for decades one two main targets: cleaning the teeth (cosmetic) and preventing caries (OTC)."

He added that innovations of the past year have extended the range of these targets, aided by advances in knowledge of tooth biology and correct oral hygiene. Thus, functions have extended in three key areas: 1) the use of biomimetic materials as alternatives to fluoride-based remineralizers; 2) growing attention to respect the balance of the oral microbiome; and 3) oral hygiene to support strategies to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus.

In relation, Bifulco describes three Kalichem ingredients to serve in these new capacities:

  • Kalident (INCI: Hydroxyapatite), a biomimetic hydroxyapatite to remineralize teeth;
  • Kalhygienic Oris (INCI: Hydroxyapatite (and) Cetylpyridinium Chloride (and) Water (aqua)), which is based on biomimetic hydroxyapatite and functionalized with a hygienizing surfactant for long-term protection action against biological agents; and
  • Kalibiome Oris (INCI: Lactobacillus Ferment (and) Mannitol), based on postbiotics obtained through a bio-fermentation process, which specifically supports sensitive gums and teeth.

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