Which Indie Beauty Formulas Will Take Home a C&T Allē in 2024?

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By (JLco) Julia Amaral

Which indie formulas will take home a C&T Allē in 2024? Find out at our exclusive red carpet-style awards dinner, to be held on March 6, 2024, at the Biltmore in Los Angeles – alongside our captivating Beauty Accelerate event. Following are the contenders...

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Dara Kennedy – Dara Kennedy Sea Serum

The Dara Kennedy Sea Serum is an innovative, multidimensional adaptive serum. Developed with sustainable giant kelp, this healing gel knows what the user needs for more vibrant, resilient skin. It starts by addressing what skin craves the most, with additional benefits building on one another in an intelligent, cumulative way, reflecting the circular system of the natural world. We refer to this as BioIntegral skin care. With a proprietary blend of six seaweeds and "natural-adapter" plants from California, France and Ireland, this all-in-one vibrance booster is clinically proven to brighten, firm, soothe and fortify while deeply hydrating, obviating the need for multiple treatments.

Earth & Body Wise – Earth & Body Wise GlacierMint Toothpaste

Earth & Body Wise GlacierMint Toothpaste is formulated and manufactured without petrochemicals or plastics whenever possible, as is the packaging. The goal is to help improve personal health by using healthier, more natural ingredients and less plastic. Using less toxic or harsh ingredients and plastic packaging means less pollution bioaccumulating in the downstream environment. Furthermore, simple and high-quality naturally derived ingredients are used, including organic options whenever possible – and only the essentials – to create a natural, non-toxic and effective toothpaste.

goop – Beauty Youth-Boost Peptide Serum

For youthful, healthy-looking skin, this powerful, clinically tested, all-in-one serum takes a 360-degree approach to target key signs of aging including wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, texture, firmness, elasticity, radiance, barrier support and more. The results surprised even plastic surgeon Julius Few, M.D., who conducted the clinical trials. The serum is made with peptides to address the look of wrinkles; ceramides and Bifidus postbiotics for barrier support; phytoactive paracress and astaxanthin-rich microalgae for firming and lifting; and black tea ferment and niacinamide to impart skin glow and a more even complexion. In addition, safflower oleosomes and dragon’s blood are included to moisturize skin. The product works beautifully for all ages, all skin tones and all skin types (including sensitive).

Hume Supernatural – Hume Supernatural All Body Deodorant

This novel, multi-tasking all body deodorant balm nourishes the skin barrier while neutralizing odors. Designed with sustainability and the skin microbiome in mind, Hume Supernatural All Body Deodorant Balm contains zero water and delivers an invisible, elegant and velvety skin feel – without the greasiness, pilling, residue transfer or stickiness of traditional lotion to powder formulations.

Integrity Ingredients Corp. – Tinted Glow Serum

The Tinted Glow Serum is a multitasking product that combines the benefits of a skin care serum with a tinted moisturizer. It contains powerful antioxidants and skin-loving ingredients like glucuronic acid for superior hydration to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The lightweight formula effortlessly gives the skin a natural, radiant glow, and more than 95% of the ingredients are naturally derived. The serum brightens and evens out skin tone, provides sheer coverage and deeply hydrates the skin. It addresses skin hydration, wrinkle prevention, texture and firmness, and gives an instant, dewy glow. It is ideal for low-maintenance skin care and combatting premature aging.

NAMA Cosmetics – NAMA Delicate Hair and Scalp Cleanser

This delicate, sulfate-free hair cleansing formula was curated to deliver dandruff control and scalp-purifying properties. It features a blend of mild anionics, amphoterics and nonionics to provide a gentle yet creamy foam base. Lipoaminoacids, allantoin, phospholipids, glycolipids and Salvia sclarea extract are included to help the scalp feel hydrated and soothed. In addition, an award-winning (PCHi 2021) scalp care active from plant stem cell technology is included to act as a modifier of sebum and squames. The formula is enriched with a complex of amino acid, glycine and moisturizing vegetable-based sugars that rebalance the skin microbiota to reduce disorders such as irritation, dandruff, scalp odors and oiliness. Botanicals such as celery, burdock and fenugreek are incorporated for their traditional hair root-strengthening properties.

RAAIE – Morning Dew Vitamin C Serum

Eighty percent of the signs of aging are caused by UV exposure. RAAIE’s Morning Dew Vitamin C Serum is setting a new standard for age prevention by harnessing the unique resilience of New Zealand’s land, sea and alpine botanicals. The plants in these regions survive under some of the harshest UV in the world and produce very high levels of antioxidants. When applied topically, this antioxidant serum protects skin and repairs existing damage.

Roccoco Botanicals – Charcoal Clarity Mask

This ultimate skin detoxifier and purifying Charcoal Clarity Mask is 98.3% natural, containing 37 botanical ingredients. It rapidly suppresses inflammation, flattening zits over night. Acne lesions can take weeks to heal, and swelling/inflammation is one of the biggest concerns for consumers – especially considering prolonged inflammation results in more scarring. Many consumers resort to steroid injections to reduce inflamed papules, resulting in weakening of the skin and dermal deterioration. The Charcoal Clarity Mask provides a solution for reducing swelling and oedema in acne lesions.

Roccoco Botanicals – Frangipani and Lychee Body Crème

Dubbed a “Tummy Tuck in a Jar” by customers, this revolutionary cream lifts even the saggiest of skin and restores elasticity. The multifunctional product targets nearly every consumer concern in one product, whereas many products on the market target only cellulite and stretchmarks, and do not significantly firm the skin. Frangipani and Lychee Body Crème restores hope for those who have undergone gastric band sleeve surgery who have significant skin laxity from weight loss and who cannot afford surgery to correct loose skin. The product was tested and shown effective in clients who had lost between 36 kg and 72 kg (approx. 80 to 160 pounds), with the weight remaining off for 12 months with no fluctuation prior to testing. In addition, in a generation of tattooed skin, the product offers an option for those who have lost weight and do not want to disturb their “artwork.”

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Roccoco Botanicals – Overnight Recovery Mask

Constant mask wearing normally does not allow for adequate skin repair before the skin is exposed again to the altered conditions of a facial mask. The Overnight Recovery Mask restores harmony to skin within 12 hr by activating its repair mechanisms and reinforcing antioxidant defenses. With 99.7% natural ingredients and 33 botanical ingredients, the sleeping mask restores balance to the skin – including the circadian rhythm – and protects against the effects of pollution. Furthermore, it restores the microbiome within 24 hr and irritation, sensitivity, oedema, redness and pigmentation are dramatically reduced. By stimulating the key components of skin’s barrier function, the mask imparts repair effects.

Ross Organic, an Azelis Company – Exfoliating Coconut Jelly Cube

A play on edible beauty, this is a recipe combining inspiration from at-home food kits, fun and interesting textures, the boom of boba teas and international influences. The bouncy body cleanser glides over skin to gently exfoliate and cleanse. Its naturally derived ingredients allow for a unique formula texture, which holds its shape when introduced to water. Rubbing the product in a circular motion delivers a small foaming activity and stimulating effect without the rough feeling of other large particle exfoliators. Upon rinse-off, the cleanser leaves skin feeling clean and softened.

Saint Cruz – Freshmetics Freshly Made Hair and Scalp Food

“The Freshmetics Approach” is a sustainable way to combat the environmental crisis our world is facing – i.e., the accumulation of carbon footprint, plastic trash, forever chemicals, etc. The R&D is centered around plant-based formulas, prioritizing upcycled materials and low carbon-footprint, small-batch production. All products are created fresh and custom made for every consumer. The Hair and Scalp Food formula is one example, comprising: coconut oil, rice bran wax, esters of cetearyl alcohol and fatty acids derived from olive oil (cetearyl olivate), natural sugar alcohol and fatty acids from olive oil (sorbitan olivate), pale pressed castor oil, peppermint oil, vitamin E and natural essential oils. The product nourishes and moisturizes the scalp, and may help with dandruff and improve hair growth.

Stoic Beauty Inc. – Harmonia Balancing Night Cream

Harmonia Balancing Night Cream is a blend of natural ingredients selected to reduce rosacea redness, calm inflammation and support healthy epidermal barrier function. The cream also contains ingredients known to diminish hyperpigmentation, a problem accompanying rosacea in individuals with pigmented skin. All ingredients in the cream are natural per COSMOS, non-irritating and non-allergenic. The cream was tested under the control of a dermatologist and proven non-irritating and hypo-allergenic, as validated by HRIPT. Harmonia’s anti-inflammatory and moisturizing power, along with its antioxidant content, makes it suitable for any skin type.

Yobee Care Inc. – Yobee Care Restorative ScalpMask

Yobee Care’s patented topical, Probyome, is a blend of probiotics with naturally derived ingredients including organic honey, organic turmeric and B12. Hair care products incorporating the ingredient have been shown to significantly decrease the appearance and severity of dry scalp after just a few uses. Clinically tested, Probyome has been proven to quickly and effectively reduce skin inflammation, redness and itching. As a result, scalp health can be improved naturally, safely and effectively without harmful side effects. Yobee launched its hero ScalpMask product incorporating the ingredient to improve scalp health and dryness.

You & Eye by Dr. Nicky – The Skinification of Lashes

You & Eye by Dr. Nicky is a collection of ophthalmologist-developed and patented skin and lash care products, designed to soothe tired, puffy eyes while enhancing lashes. The “secret sauce” is the patented EyeMEDIx complex – a system of vitamins, peptides and phytonutrients that brings skin care to lash care. Most consumers overlook their delicate lash line oil glands but when these are neglected, eyes become sensitive, dry and intolerant to makeup; and worst of all, lashes won't grow. The key to radiant under-eye area skin and long lashes is taking care of the lash line oil glands. This collection includes the Keep it Fresh Foaming Cleanser, Soothe Operator Rollerball Eye Serum and Lids, Love & Lash Enhancing Serum.

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