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[video] Beauty Accelerate x The Ocean Foundation Partner for a Bluer Tomorrow

10/12/2021 | Rachel Grabenhofer with Jason Donofrio, The Ocean Foundation

Words from Wiechers: Is Cosmetic Science Really 'Bad'? Part II: Scum of the Earth

10/12/2021 | Tony O'Lenick, Nascent Technologies Corp., and the late Johann W. Wiechers, Ph.D.

[podcast] Oral Care Innovations in This COVID-19 Time

10/6/2021 | Rachel Grabenhofer with Guglielmo Bifulco, Ph.D., Kalichem

Expert Opinions: Holistic Approaches to Anti-aging

10/1/2021 | Rachel Grabenhofer and Michele Behrens, Cosmetics & Toiletries; Shlomo Krispin, Ph.D., IFF Lucas Meyer Cosmetics; and Sami Selkälä, Innomost Oy

Skin Reset: TCM-inspired Reishi Mushroom to Reprogram Signs of Aging

10/1/2021 | Stefan Hettwer, Ph.D., Emina Besic Gyenge, Ph.D., Brigit Suter and Barbara Obermayer, Rahn AG, Zürich

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PCPC 2021 Virtual Science Symposium

Nov 02-04, 2021 | Bangkok, Thailand, Asia

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Nov 03-06, 2021 | Buenos Aires, Argentina

The 18th World Congress on Cancers of the Skin (WCCS)

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Product Roundup

October 2021 Product Roundup: Skin and Hair Cleansing Formulary

October 2021 Product Roundup: Skin and Hair Cleansing Formulary

The product roundup highlights ingredients and technologies from suppliers that have appeared in Cosmetics & Toiletries.

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The science behind ... the ability to sample the microbiome and then use that as a foundational tool to study it is still very early. There’s so much bias built into all of our methods ... We are still finding our way.

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