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[video] Cosmetics R&D Vlog: Market Recovery and Opportunities in Brazilian Beauty

11/24/2020 | Rachel Grabenhofer with Gueisa Silverio, Beautycare Brazil

[podcast] What it Means to Be 'Clean' in Beauty

11/23/2020 | Rachel Grabenhofer with Tina Hedges, LOLI Beauty

Personalized Beauty: What the Data Tells Us

11/23/2020 | Karen Young, The Young Group

[update] Comparatively Speaking: Matter vs. Mind Claims

11/20/2020 | Tony O'Lenick and the late Johann W. Wiechers, Ph.D.

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Product Roundup

November/December 2020 Product Roundup

November/December 2020 Product Roundup

The product roundup highlights ingredients and technologies from suppliers that have appeared in Cosmetics & Toiletries.

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The FDA has temporarily allowed formulators to make hand sanitizers so long as they follow the WHO approved formulas. [While from a formulator's standpoint, putting peroxide, alcohol and glycerin together seems wrong], you can’t say it’s carte blanche [and create formulas as you see fit]. The FDA wants to make sure that anything that comes out is safe and efficacious.

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