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At Integrity Ingredients Corporation, the fusion of clean science with nature has been at the center of our product innovation since 2005. Over the last decade, we have honed and defined what Clean Beauty represents for our company and our clients. Our corporate mission is to advance the pillars of our corporate structure and the precepts of our products – Sustainability, Ethical Sourcing, Social Responsibility and Transparency.

Today, Integrity Ingredients has taken Clean Beauty to the next level by Advancing the Beauty with a Conscience Movement 2.0 with two distinct strategic initiatives:

  • The expansion of our two R&D innovation laboratories to a third to accelerate the continuous development of unique formulas and finished products.
  • To drive the continuous global commercialization of specific technologies derived from indigenous, socioeconomically suppressed communities. Learn more about our Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing initiatives - visit our website at

Clean, safe, optimal beauty is achievable, and we are honored to extend an invitation from our Product Development and Innovation Team to partner with you to create your next Clean Beauty products. Here are just a few of the services that IIC’s Innovation and Marketing Teams provide:

  • Product Development from Concept to Commercialization
  • Technology & Innovation Outsourcing
  • Technology Development & Commercialization
  • Research & Product Development
  • Product Innovation, Concept Development & Turnkey Products
  • Consumer, Industry Trend and White Space Analyses
  • Market Research, Claims & Marketing Support
  • Regulatory Support

We value green chemistry, clean production and at our core we excel at showcasing our latest innovation and formulas that feature Clean Science fused with our Natural Bio-Actives. We offer safe alternatives for preservatives, emulsifiers, exfoliants, antioxidants, lipids, butters, waxes, and enzymes. Our strengths lie in R&D, innovation, concept development and turnkey products and, as a courtesy we offer extended services that include more than 30 years of marketing, market research and regulatory support.

Our goal is to cultivate truthful, transparent, and empowering relationships as “Your Innovation Partner”, and to expand your brand portfolio with clean science, natural and customized personal care solutions. We invite you to join us on our journey to “Advance the Beauty with a Conscience Movement.”

Years in business:18
Number of employees:30
Geographic sales distribution:Integrity Ingredients is based in Los Angeles, California with sales offices in Chicago, Dallas and Nashville.
Services Specialization:

R&D, custom innovation, turnkey products.

  • Private Label Services(Hair Care, Skin Care, Sun Care, Turnkey)
  • Cosmetic Ingredients(Hair Care, Skin/Body, Sun Care)