Kalibiome: Pure Postbiotics for Skin, Hair, Oral and Intimate Microbiome.

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Kalibiome is a complex of pure postbiotics based on peptides, fatty acids, biosurfactants and vitamins released by commensal bacteria (Lactobacillus paracasei) through a patented bio-fermentation (PB TECH®) that enables us to obtain reproducible actives with high purity. This technology was awarded at the IFSCC as main innovation in microbiome care.

Kalibiome postbiotics is a platform of specialties aimed to balance and strengthen the physiological skin microbiota and overcome the criticalities of the traditional prebiotic and probiotic-based actives (Read Kalibiome technology detailed description). Compared with prebiotics, they show higher specificity of action and when compared with probiotic derivatives, they proved maximum stability in the presence of cosmetic preservatives and an absence of side effects due to the lack of bacterial fragments and living bacteria in their composition.

The patented bio-technology enables to obtain different items with specific composition designed and tailored according to the functional target. 

Each reference comes in powdery form, is active at very low dosages (starting from 0.1%) and does not require extreme storage conditions, given its stability at room temperature.


-Targets: skin, hair follicle, gynecological mucosa

- Specific for sensitive and atopic skin, it reduces the itching mediator by 800% versus the control, improving the quality of life of subjects affected by inflammation.

-Reduces irritation and redness through microbiome and immune system modulation.

- Was proven to regulate the following bacteria (metagenomic tests): Brevundimonas Diminuta, Rhodococcus, Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

-Increases skin compactness, firmness and barrier function through keratinocytes tight junctions reinforcement by targeting ZO-1 protein.

-It promotes in vivo hydration increase and antioxidant (+110%) action.

-Regularization of skin microcirculation (prevention of dark circles and bags under eyes).



-Targets: face skin including eye contour area

-Specific for skin replenishing, redensification, anti-wrinkle and elasticity enhancing.

-Advanced anti-aging action correlated to specific skin microbiome variations (in vivo metagenomic tests proved its regulating activity on the following bacteria: Dialister, Alloprevotella, Stenotrophomonas, Prevotella, Faecalibacterium).

-Skin redensification (+38% in vivo tested, as shown in Figure 1*) by increasing hyaluronic acid/collagen synthesis and reducing skin extensibility by 76%.

-Increases skin hyaluronic acid more efficiently and effectively* than the benchmark bacterial ferment *(+100% increase with a concentration of use two folds lower).

-Skin regeneration features are comparable with EGF, and in vivo tests have proven anti-wrinkle action—ideal for photoaging treatments.The 6-week treatment shows a consistent restoring of the dermal collagen (detectable through the white bands) and extracellular matrix components.The 6-week treatment shows a consistent restoring of the dermal collagen (detectable through the white bands) and extracellular matrix components.


-Targets: skin, hair follicle, gynecological mucosa

-Specific for microbiome rebalancing (in vivo metagenomic tests proved its regulating activity on the following bacteria: Parvimonas, Dialister, Psychrobacter, Brevundimonas, Prevotella, S. aureus biofilm inhibition) and skin defense reinforcement.

-Keeps the integrity of the barrier function (reduces TEWL by 43%), even in presence of skin pathogens and inhibits bacterial biofilm formation through inhibition of pathogens “quorum sensing.”

-Promotes skin protection by counteracting the effects of UV exposure, photoaging, mechanical stress on the dermis (prolonged use of face masks etc.) through a replumping action.


-Targets: oral care, mouth

-Ideal for sensitive gum and periodontitis support treatments.

-Promotes gum inflammation reduction through a modulatory activity on immune system cytokines (long TSLP).

-Exerts bacteriostatic action against oral pathogens (i.e., Pseudomonas aeruginosa) preventing bacterial hypercolonization.

-Reduces free radical formation, aimed to counteract oral dysbiosis and inflammation triggering.

-Promotes the oral mucosa barrier strengthening through the increase of tight junctions expression (leading to oral keratinocyte cells sealing).


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