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[podcast] Layering Experiences to Create Product Complexity

Contact Author Rachel Grabenhofer with Charles Spence, Ph.D.
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"[One] area where there’s quite a bit of interest, and which I’m speaking about at several chemistry conferences, is around the notion of complexity," says Charles Spence, Ph.D. "You hear about a wonderfully complex wine; well, what does that mean? Chemically complex? Psychologically? Both?


"There’s a lot of work on this in food and beverages, [which at its core, aims to] reduce less healthy ingredients like sugar, salt and fat. The question is how to achieve this without compromising the product experience. ... So, are there tricks in psychology we can use?...One other thing we’ve gotten into, in this idea of complexity, is work in sort of pairing, sequencing and combining."

In this seven-part podcast series, sponsored by Berjé, world-renowned experimental psychologist Charles Spence, Ph.D., of the University of Oxford, explores sensory integration in consumer products. Our discussion ranges from cosmetic packaging design, fragrance and aroma, to synesthesia, digital tools and more—and how they can cue one another. Register below to listen to the full podcast; it's free!

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