[video] Cosmetics R&D Vlog: How Fragrance Inspires Emotion and Wellness


Uncertainty and stress are typical struggles within today’s COVID-19 reality. To help consumers not just cope but blossom under this challenging dynamic, fragrance can serve as a tool to tap into deep emotion and memory, and elicit positive experiences and a sense of security.

Exploring these effects in detail, Daniela Garcia, ésika Executive Brand Director for Belcorp Latin America, and co-authors report their findings in the Cosmetics & Toiletries October 2021 edition. Garcia provides additional insights in this video interview.

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"We already knew fragrance has a positive influence," she explains. "When you smell nice, you feel comfortable and feel secure; but we wanted to go beyond, to understand how fragrance can transport us and help us to cope with this new daily life. It’s needed more and more, and this will continue with COVID-19, because we have become much more in touch with needing to be well 'here' in order to really perform well 'out there.'

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