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74 Years | 3 Generations | 1 Ambition

Berjé is a privately-owned, fiercely independent leader of the flavor and fragrance industry that has been in operation for more than 74 years. We are the largest repository of essential oils and aromatic chemicals in the US, boasting an unprecedented inventory of over 3000 unique products. The immense variety of our inventory, paired with our unparalleled supply chain expertise and investment in quality sourcing, ensures long-term supply chain security for the entire flavor and fragrance ingredient palette. All our endeavors are firmly rooted in a commitment to true sustainability, fostering long-term partnerships with local farming communities in more than 100 countries around the world.

The Berjé Group

Berjé is headquartered in Carteret, New Jersey, but our global manufacturing and warehousing capabilities extends to over 75 countries. The Whole Herb Company, our sister company based in California, is a certified minority-owned business that sustainable sources 150+ whole botanical ingredients and spices, further expanding our repertoire of flavor and fragrance materials. Across the globe, Berjé Trakia partners with local growing communities in Bulgaria to produce farm-to-finish rose oil and lavender oil from native botanicals harvested throughout the historic Rose Valley.

We also maintain numerous exclusive at-source partnerships with producers in key sourcing locations including Haiti, Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, South Africa, and more. These partnerships allow us to support long-term inventory positions that safeguard against future supply chain disruptions, mitigating the risk for our customers while providing us with peerless agility and versatility amidst market turbulence. This practice, in conjunction with our multi-geographic sourcing strategy, allows us to maintain alternative sourcing locations for more than 86% of our 3000+ item inventory.

This global network of production facilities and at-source partnerships comes together to form the Berjé Group – a collection of master brands that encompasses everything we do at Berjé. 


True Sustainability

In an era of widespread industry consolidation, Berjé remains a family-owned business with a clear path forward for ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible growth. Our all-encompassing ESG Program mirrors the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with six distinct pillars of action to promote new business practices and business continuity, securing a better future for both our industry and our planet.

Whether it’s our rooftop solar network that generates more than 1,624,600 kilowatts of clean energy each year or a direct investment into the supply chain of our sourcing locations, Berjé understands the socioeconomic responsibilities of the future and takes a proactive, action-oriented approach to protecting the full ingredient palette for generations to come.

Years in business:74
Number of employees:150+
  • Cosmetics/Personal Care Ingredient Supplier
  • Flavor Raw Material Supplier
  • Fragrance Raw Material Supplier
  • Cosmetic Ingredients(Sensory)
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