Lucas Meyer Measures Consumer Response to Phospholipid Emulsifier

A study conducted by Lucas Meyer revealed that its phospholipid emulsifiers were capable of invoking positive emotion. At in-cosmetics 2015 in Barcelona, the company will discuss the results of this study as part of the Happiness in a Jar concept.

The company used techniques developed by specialists in psychology and neuroscience to scientifically measure the pleasure that these ingredients induce upon application. Their study analyzed consumer’s behavioral (facial micro-expressions and variations in vocal intonation) and physiological (a dilation of the pupils or even as an electrodermal response triggered by excessive perspiration) reactions to a product.

In all cases, volunteers preferred the formula containing phospholipid emulsifiers to the placebo, and the company noticed a high increase in parameters confirming the positive emotion triggered by the product. The company is using the data to offer cosmetic formulators an opportunity to ensure the pleasure of their consumer.

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