TRI/Princeton Benchmarks Hair Product Performance

TRI/Princeton, a global leader in hair and fiber research, will be offering a series of systematic efforts to benchmark product technology performance in 2009. Designed to improve understanding of the competitive landscape across the industry as well as to lower costs and decrease turnaround time for our clients by using controls in common between tests of multiple products.

This first effort is focused on the key performance attributes of shampoos, 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners and shampoo/conditioner systems. It consists of three tests, for shine, manageability and condition and resistance to damage. As in other programs, a set of competitive benchmarks will be selected–in this case, a cleansing shampoo alone, a low silicone depositing 2-in-1 conditioner, a high silicone depositing conditioner, and a shampoo/conditioner.

All are marketed products and the results of these controls will be shared with each company participating in the benchmarking series. For this round of tests, samples and authorizations must be received by March 1, 2009, and results will be available by end of March.

The primary claims made by shampoo and conditioner products surround the topics of shine, conditioning, and strength. TRI/Princeton maintains that three basic tests: shine by polarized imaging, conditioning by wet combing, and strength by repeated combing, can both support these claims and differentiate between products. The company will perform this series of measurements on the sponsor's product(s), including one positive control and one negative control. Results will be communicated and interpreted in a formal report.

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