CeeTox Expands In Vitro Capabilities with Acquisition

CeeTox has acquired assets of ADMETRx Inc. that allow it to expand its range of in vitro service offerings. Specifically, the acquired assets allow CeeTox to increase its existing Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion (ADME) capabilities.

Some staff members of ADMETRx will move to CeeTox as part of the asset acquisition. Phil Burton, former cofounder, CEO and chief scientific officer of ADMETRx, has joined CeeTox as director of ADME services. In addition, many other former ADMETRx scientists have joined CeeTox to augment its scientific staff.

In a company press release, CeeTox president Tim Michell stated, “We are pleased to have Phil on board as we continue to build a powerful CRO specialized in delivering all of the in vitro capabilities required by regulation or standard practice. We are designing our company with a single minded focus—to serve the needs of our clients with outstanding science, service, flexibility, and availability.”

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