Webinar Focused on Cell-based Assays

BD Biosciences is hosting a webinar dedicated to cell-based assays. The webinar, "Development of Novel Advanced Cell Culture Surfaces that Provide Improved Cell Growth and Attachment for Cell-Based Assays," will take place on Thursday, Oct. 22, 2009, at 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM EST.

Elizabeth Abraham, PhD, a research scientist at BD Biosciences, will discuss the applications for the company's BD PureCoat surfaces. According to the company, the surfaces provide an alternative to biological coatings without compromising cell attachment and function.

Cell-based assays are used in basic skin research, drug discovery and regenerative medicine. BD PureCoat surfaces are chemically defined, animal-free enhanced cell culture surfaces.

These surfaces reportedly provide better post-thaw recovery of cryopreserved cells and provide enhanced cell attachment and growth of primary, transformed, transfected and fastidious cell lines when compared to standard TC vessels. Additionally, the surfaces continue to provide cell attachment in reduced serum and serum-free media conditions. These surfaces also maintain the integrity of cell monolayers and offer superior consistency during vigorous liquid handling procedures used in cell-based assays.

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