[video] Cosmetics R&D Vlog: Microbiome Moves Toward Oral Care


Consumers are still learning about the microbiome approach to personal care products such as oral care but according to Marie Drago, founder of Gallinée, this segment is growing fast.

Traditionally a microbiome-focused skin and hair care company, Gallinée recently moved into the oral care space with the launch of a prebiotic toothpaste and probiotic supplement. In this interview, Marie Drago, founder of the company, explains how; including the unique formulation challenges the company faced.

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"With the hair and face, you cleanse and then you treat," said Drago, who explained how moisturizers and conditioners are typically applied as a second step in skin and hair care. "But with oral care, you cleanse and destroy [microbes], so we wanted to add a 'care' factor."

Watch now to learn how they achieved this.

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