Solvay Features 10 Products in Restorative Routine for Textured Hair

Textured Hair Restorative Routine By Solvay

Solvay has developed a complete hair care routine featuring 10 products formulated to cleanse, moisturize and style textured hair types.

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In partnership with hair stylists of textured hair and models at Studio Ana’e, Solvay’s scientists evaluated and validated these products under real life use conditions. According to the company, acknowledging the many different types of hair is the first step in creating hair care solutions for textured hair. 

The resulting 10 products are divided into two categories: clean and care products, and styling products. The clean and care category includes the Pure Clean Shampoo, Hydration Boost Shampoo, Cleansing Cream, Luxurious Moisturizing Conditioner, Moisture Lock Mask and Wake-Up Curls Day Cream. The styling products category comprises the Foaming Lotion, Hair Spray Detangler, Scalp Oil and Wax for Baby Hairs.

In addition to providing specialized benefits for textured hair, many of the company's formulations are developed with eco-friendly ingredients.

“One of my closest friends has textured hair and she described how challenging it was for her to find the right products to style and care for her hair ...” said Stephanie Neplaz, global marketing innovation director for hair care at Solvay. “When the opportunity came to work with Research & Development to create a textured hair routine, I knew we could make incredible products that have a real impact on consumers around the world.”

“As curls are becoming a huge part of the hair care and hairstyling market, we are often asked to share our expertise in the field,” said Aude Livoreil-Djampou, founder of Studio Ana’e. “We particularly enjoyed this partnership because the whole Solvay team was totally dedicated to understanding the needs of curly haired women and men. The quality of the products we tested reflects their commitment to providing their clients with a high-level textured hair regimen.”

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