Solvay Novecare

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Aubervilliers 93300
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We are a science company whose technologies bring benefits to many aspects of daily life with the purpose to bond people, ideas and elements to reinvent progress. With extensive scientific knowledge and formulation and application expertise in the beauty care market, we support our customers with an innovative range of advanced hair and skin care functional ingredients and actives with proven efficacy.  

Solvay is an industry leader in core and specialty surfactants, natural and synthetic polymers, and performance concentrates. Solvay combines a unique portfolio of beauty care technologies with competencies in synthesis, physical chemistry, formulation and application testing to develop innovative products and processes that meet customer needs. With a worldwide industrial footprint and global R&D and tech-support network, Solvay has developed expertise in surface modification, rheology and active delivery.

Years in business:160
Number of employees:22000
Geographic sales distribution:North America, South America, EMEA, Asia, Australia
Product Summary:

Solvay offers a diverse array of solutions designed to empower Beauty Care manufacturers in meeting the ever-evolving demands for natural, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and circular products. Leveraging our deep scientific knowledge and formulation expertise, we provide our clients with an innovative range of cutting-edge functional and active ingredients. These versatile, naturally-derived solutions find application in various categories, including Hair care, Body cleansing, Skin care, and Oral care.

Discover our latest product releases, such as our groundbreaking Naternal™ range of biodegradable conditioning and thickening polymers, leading the charge in the journey towards regenerative beauty. Explore our toolbox of ingredients that cater to the sulfate-free trend, among other exciting innovations.

  • Cosmetics/Personal Care Ingredient Supplier
  • Flavor Raw Material Supplier
  • Fragrance Raw Material Supplier
  • Flavor(Beverage, Ingredients, Sweet Applications)
  • Fragrance(Ambient Scent, Ingredients, Personal Care/Beauty)
  • Cosmetic Ingredients(Actives, Cleansing, Conditioning, Formulating aids, Hair Care, Natural/Sustainable, Rheology-thickener, Sensory, Skin/Body, Specialized and more)
  • Cosmetic & Personal Care Formulas(AP/Deodorant, Anti-aging/Face, Hair Care, Oral Care, Skin Care, Sun Care)