Dry Heat Transdermal System Launched to Benefit Testing


Logan Instruments Corp. recently launched DHC-6T, a dry heat transdermal diffusion cell system to help test creams, lotions, ointments and patches. Similar to the company’s FDC-6T, this new system features a tilting plate and modified cells to eliminate bubbles from the testing process.

The system does not use a water circulator, helping save lab space and testing preparation. Temperatures are more efficient and evenly distributed to each cell with the thermo-controlled housing design. DHC-6T is also equipped with a bronze cover for light sensitive products.

To avoid breaking the fragile and handmade Franz cells, the company developed a dry heat cell using precision glass and Teflon parts to create a new economical cell for the DHC-6T. These cells are designed to change glass tube lengths for different media volumes.


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