Improved UV Testing to Prevent Product Degradation

Atlas Material Testing Technology has launched the fourth generation of its SUNTEST CPS+ with improved features such as improved quality of light, an easier viewed larger display panel, eight user languages and two pre-programmed test methods.

Suntest CPS+ is an instrument used to test the light and weatherfastness of plastics, coatings, colors and inks, as well as the testing of cosmetics and pharmaceutical drug products. Controlling the UV output of a xenon test chamber is critical, as UV radiation typically plays a significant role in polymer degradation. Areas of UV fading are now eliminated and repeatability is improved with the light technology. A larger 4-line display panel provides easier viewing.

Accessories include: five interchangeable optical filters that simulate outdoor daylight, indoor daylight, artificial supermarket light, ID65 (ICH) and Solar Standard; an immersion unit for the simulation of extremely wet, marine or acidic environments; a SunCool chiller and water-cooled specimen table for specimen cooling; A SunTray sample exchanger for safe COLIPA in vitro testing; a SunCal calibration sensors for easy calibration routines of light and temperature (BST). 

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