Permeation Method Developed As Alternative to Franz Cell

Pion Inc. has introduced a test method that predicts the permeability of drugs and dermal formulations through the human skin without the cost and low throughput restrictions of the Franz cell chamber.

The Skin Parallel Artificial Membrane Permeability Assay (PAMPA) Test System was designed as an alternative to the Franz cell chamber, an in vitro skin permeation assay that uses skin from humans or animals such as rats, pigs or cattle, with human skin preferred. According to the company, the Franz cell method can be expensive, labor intensive and cumbersome.

Conversely, the Skin PAMPA Text System offers lower cost, enhanced usability, higher throughput and reduced sample requirements. Pre-coated with a proprietary formulation, the 96 well plates are disposable, which eliminates cross contamination and the additional time and labor required for washing glass cells.

The company evaluated the Skin PAMPA Test System using a broad range of drugs against samples of dermatomed skin mounted in Franz cells. The two methods were correlated, ensuring that researchers and product developers can screen drug permeability unencumbered by the restrictions of Franz Cell testing.

The PAMPA Explorer Complete system includes the company's STIRWELL plates (which provide optional, double sided donor-receptor stirring), buffers, test compounds, hydration solutions, data collection/processing software and a high quality UV plate reader.

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