Software Launches to Formulate for Efficacy

As many formulators know, creating an efficacious cosmetic formulation can be problematic, which is why Johann Wiechers, PhD, is launching a new software platform based on his “Formulating for Efficacy” strategy.

According to Wiechers, there are so many factors to consider in formulating that, by the time it comes to the efficient delivery of an active ingredient, most formulators simply hope for the best. This hope-and-see mentality is not by choice but simply because it is too difficult for most formulators to transform complex skin delivery theories into practical formulations.

In response, Wiechers is launching "Formulating for Efficacy, the Software" to guide formulators through the formulation process. By entering the formula's emollients, i.e., anything that can dissolve the active, active(s) and a few other properties such as the concentration of the active, the program calculates the rest.

Some up-front calibration of the system is required by performing a few solubility experiments of the active in emollients; however, the software can then optimize an existing formulation, make additions to an existing formulation, or propose the most effective combination of emollients for a complete new formulation. Beginning on March 28, 2011, the software will be available for formulators at

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