Updated Modeling and Simulation Platform for Chemists

Accelrys Inc. released Materials Studio 5.0, a new version of its modeling and simulation platform to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of chemical and materials research. According to the company, the software provides chemists and researchers with increased research productivity and decreased time-to-innovation.

The platform includes advanced instrument simulation and visualization tools as well as updated parallel codes to support a wider range of polymer and instrument simulations to speed up sophisticated modeling tasks. The new version reportedly enables scientists to explore a wider design space; make better-informed decisions in research on catalysis, polymers, specialty chemicals and advanced materials; to provide graphical representations of reciprocal space, crucial for understanding the electron behavior of solid-state materials; to model complex materials with minimum human interaction and computing resources; and to utilize a wider range of analytical instrument simulations, including Raman spectra calculations in CASTEP.

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