Silab’s Mitokinyl Battles Urban Pollution


Silab has introduced Mitokinyl (INCI: Yeast Extract), also known as Pichia heedii, an anti-pollution natural active ingredient, which is rich in glucomannans and is able to fight damaging environmental stressers through a regulation pathway.

The ingredient regulates two major biological pathways of pollutant stress response: the synthesis of mitokines (prohibitines) is normalized and the aryl-hydrocarbon receptor is deactivated.

Additionally, during a pollution attack, the ingredient forms an efficient barrier and optimizes complexion tone and radiance, as shown in Caucasian and Asian volunteers. Mitokinyl protects fragile skin against urban stresses and is recommended in most anti-pollution facial and body skin care products.

A study in vitro tested Mitokinyl at 1% to show a reduction in the quantity of melanin synthesized by B16F1 melanocytes by 38% and synthesized by human melanocytes by 43%.

To prove its value toward bettering skin appearance, Caucasian volunteers applied a 3% formulated Mitokinyl in comparison to a placebo twice daily for 14 days, which established the improvement in parameters of complexion radiance. The results continued 28 days after application. Asian volunteers had similar results with the same test after 28 days. 

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