Human Epidermal Melanocytes for Cosmetic and Dermal Studies

Lonza announces the availability of primary Clonetics Adult Normal Human Epidermal Melanocytes. These are highly characterized cells for use in diverse applications in dermal research including malignant melanoma, dermal disorders, toxicology, pigmentation and cosmetic studies.

Malignant melanoma is one for the most aggressive forms of cancer and rates of incidence continue to grow at an alarming rate. As expected, there is considerable interest in research pertaining to malignant melanoma and other skin disorders that occur more frequently in adults. In many cases, epidermal melanocytes which have been subjected to a variety of environmental exposures such as UV damage, wounds, burns and various pathogenic insults offer researchers a cell type that yields more relevant and meaningful experimental results.

The melanocytes are available as cryopreserved amps, proliferating plates or proliferating flasks. For more information, visit

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