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Talc-Cancer Lawsuit Against J&J Rejected by Illinois Court

While J&J is facing thousands of lawsuits alleging its talc-based baby powder containing asbestos caused cancer, an Illinois court has rejected one case.

SCCS on Methyl Salicylate: Safe Within Cosmetic Limits, Weak Sensitizer

The European Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) recently issued its preliminary Opinion on the safety of methyl salicylate.

J&J Voluntarily Recalls Benzene-containing Neutrogena and Aveeno Spray Sunscreens

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. is voluntarily recalling all lots of five Neutrogena and Aveeno aerosol sunscreens as some were found to contain low levels of benzene.

Amazon Adds EWG Verified Label to Select Product Listings

“Customers want a way to make more sustainable and informed shopping choices, and Climate Pledge Friendly is ramping up its efforts to help customers know their purchases meet sustainability standards and are helping to preserve the natural world,” said Adam Werbach, global lead for sustainable shopping at Amazon.

Suit Alleges J&J's OGX Shampoo, Conditioners Cause Hair Loss

A class action suit has been filed against J&J for its OGX branded shampoos and conditioners that contain DMDM hydantoin, which is alleged to cause hair loss and scalp irritation.

Neutrogena Faces Suit Over Benzene in Sunscreens

Neutrogena is facing charges alleging its sunscreens contain unacceptable levels of benzene and do not disclose this ingredient on their labels.

Words from Wiechers: The Term Cosmeceuticals is No Longer Sustainable

"We really cannot differentiate between a cosmetic and a drug if we accept the fact that a claim made for the product can determine to which category it belongs," Wiechers criticizes, in this "Words from Wiechers."

Beautycounter Lobbies Congress for Clean Beauty Reform

The company, with its collective businesses, lobbied U.S. Congress virtually to advocate for updated federal regulations regarding clean beauty and natural products.

NAD Puts P&G's Crest Whitening Claims in Check

The National Advertising Division (NAD) of the U.S. Better Business Bureau reviewed P&G's Crest Whitening Emulsions claims and found some were supported and others were not; revisions were recommended.

20 Hand Sanitizers Recalled by Health Canada

Health Canada has recalled 20 hand sanitizers between March 31, 2021, and June 22 for ingredient violations, unauthorized sale and more, adding to nearly 100 previous recalls, CTV News reports.

Target Faces Class Action Suit Over Hand Sanitizer Claims

Target is facing charges of alleged breach of express warranty, among other accusations, that its hand sanitizer's claim to kill 99.99% of germs is false, according to the plaintiff.

Merck KGaA Certifies Entire Cosmetics Portfolio as Halal

Merck KGaA has received halal certifications for its cosmetics effect and care solutions portfolio, entailing some 284 products, which comply with several internationally recognized halal standards.

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