[video] News and Insights from Cosmetics & Toiletries: 12/1/2017

November 30, 2017 | Contact Author | By: Rachel Grabenhofer
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Keywords: FDA | regenerative medicine framework | China testing lab | animal-alternative | hard water and eczema | powder shampoo | zinc salt | Tony O'Lenick | polymers | Comparatively Speaking | skin aging | hair and scalp care | peppermint | hydration | K-Beauty

Abstract: We're back from our holiday break, now fully fattened up with news and insights for the cosmetics R&D industry. Here's Rachel Grabenhofer with your weekly video re-cap. Watch now!

You take a break for two days and what do you get? Four days' worth of work in return; or in this case, news to cover. Here, Rachel Grabenhofer has your video re-cap, including:

...along with our Product Pick of the week and exclusive Cosmetics & Toiletries reader insight. Watch now!