Mirexus Launches Glycogen-like Ingredient


Mirexus Inc. has launched an ingredient that is chemically identical to glycogen, PhytoSpherix (INCI: Glycogen). Glycogen is a natural polysaccharide—or sugar—that the body produces naturally and stores as a source of energy.

PhytoSpherix is a natural form of glycogen, sourced and produced from plants by a new patent pending green process in Canada. This biotech has proved to offer multifunctional benefits to personal care formulation in addition to increasing cellular metabolism and promoting collagen and hyaluronic acid production in skin cells.

PhytoSpherix is a botanical extract, which is extracted from non-GMO sweet corn in the same state as it is found in nature. The botanical extract is beneficial for formulators as it does not impact the rheology of formulations, is water soluble, non-ionic and temperature stable.

Some formulating benefits include:

  • The ingredient is a film-former allowing the formation of ultra-thin coatings—films—on surfaces such as the coating of human hair by a hair conditioner
  • The ingredient can improve the physical stability of creams and serums
  • The ingredient is effective in enhancing the solubility of many active ingredients
  • The ingredient nanoparticles show long-term stability when dispersed in water—dispersions are stable for at least four years, which is the longest test performed to date
  • The ingredient’s nanoparticles scatter light efficiently. This property is highly desirable in products like color cosmetic products, such as makeup and hair color, as it enhances the color brilliance of these formulations
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