Which Cosmetic Ingredient Blends/Chassis Will Score C&T Allēs in 2024?

These entries are combinations of ingredients designed to work synergistically together. Join us to see who wins!
These entries are combinations of ingredients designed to work synergistically together. Join us to see who wins!
By Johnstocker

Which ingredient blends/chassis will win C&T Allē Awards in 2024? Find out at our exclusive red carpet-style awards dinner, to be held on March 6, 2024, at the Biltmore in Los Angeles – alongside our enthralling Beauty Accelerate event.

The ingredient blend/chassis entry type is entirely new for 2024. As a reminder, these entries are combinations of ingredients designed to work synergistically together to be used as part of a final formula; they do not stand alone as a finished formula. Following are the contenders.

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Dermegen Inc. – Natural Synergistic Preservative Blend

The need for new and effective preservation systems and/or adjuvants in cosmetic formulations has never been greater as existing systems have fallen out of favor. Furthermore, there is a strong need and demand for natural-based preservative systems. The vast majority of preservative systems used are synthetic, derived from petroleum products and other non-natural sources. DermaCare NP is a patent-pending all-natural preservative system providing broad-spectrum antimicrobial effectiveness across a wide pH range. The patent-pending ingredients act synergistically to provide an unexpected broad-spectrum system that works greater than the sum of the parts.

Natures Crops International – Natralipid Advanced Omega Complex

Natralipid Advanced Omega Complex, distributed by Integrity Ingredients Corp., is a fully traceable 100% plant-based oil blend to moisturize and smooth skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines. It is uniquely high in combined omega-3 stearidonic acid and omega-6 gamma-linolenic acid. It has the highest overall omega 3-6-9 content (> 75%) among plant-based topical oils and has excellent topical anti-inflammaging and skin microbiome support properties. It has been clinically demonstrated to significantly reduce eye and mouth area skin wrinkle depth and roughness in human volunteers within 28 days in a 5% topical serum, making it ideal for advanced anti-aging skin care formulations.

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Sino Lion – Glutamix A50 Self Thickening Blend

Glutamix A50 is based on Sino Lion’s patented self-thickening surfactant technology. It is a highly efficient and cost-effective sulfate-free, polymer-free, EO-free, PO-free and PEG-free self-thickening glutamate surfactant blend. It is an ideal, easy-to-use chassis based on glutamate as the primary surfactant, which is well-known for its ultra mildness, outstanding cleansing performance, unique compatibility with skin and hair, ultimate safety, 100% natural-origin-index and freedom from toxic residues. Glutamate surfactants are the ultimate natural, green, biodegradable and sustainable alternatives to sulfates. Other benefits of a glutamate chassis include low carbon and water footprints and outstanding attributes for both people and the planet.

Vantage Personal Care – Jeesperse NOLO Self-Emulsifying Powders

The Jeesperse NoLo range of emulsifiers use no or low mixing energy in the emulsion process thanks to their self-emulsification properties. Vantage aims to save formulators time, energy and money by helping to employ cold- and low-energy processes that, in turn, simplify manufacturing procedures. These compositions are optimized for quick wetting, easy dispersion and the creation of stable emulsions, even when using low shear mixing equipment or following room-temperature processes. Additionally, they contain conditioning ingredients that contribute to the efficacy of the hydrated formulation. The technology can help to reduce the overall carbon footprint of manufacturing processes for hair care products.

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