Neuroglow,™ the Active that Captures the Molecular Power of the Sun

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Givaudan Active Beauty is delighted to introduce Neuroglow,™ a breakthrough active ingredient designed to safely replicate all the positive effects of the sun. Crafted by Green Fractionation from Persicaria tinctoria, Neuroglow™ is sourced from Provence in France.

As well as boosting vitamin D production, sunlight is recognized for its positive impact on mood and energy while contributing to a healthy appearance thanks to its desirable tanning effects. In a world where contemporary lifestyles lead us to spend more time indoors, Neuroglow™ is emerging as a response to a growing demand for the positive effects associated with sunlight exposure. Research indicates that 80% of U.S. Gen Z consumers are looking for cosmetics that positively influence their mood.

Neuroglow™ mimics the beneficial properties of sunlight, stimulating production of melanin (+126%) and promoting the skin’s release of wellbeing molecules such as beta-endorphin (+43%), vitamin D (+345%) and oxytocin (+229%). By boosting melanin production, Neuroglow™ prepares the skin for sun exposure, allowing for a faster, healthier, more natural and better protected tan. What’s more, it improves general wellbeing and energy levels at the same time as preventing potential inflammatory damage caused by the sun.

The results from the first clinical trial demonstrated a remarkable phototype shift in 76% of participants in just 7 days, moving from phototype II to phototype III, and of these, 40% even shifted to a darker phototype IV, compared to 0% in the placebo group. In a second clinical trial involving volunteers experiencing seasonal mood changes due to lack of sunlight, Neuroglow™ reduced tiredness, increased feelings of affection and improved ‘winter blues’ with over 80% of volunteers reporting a positive score.

Bénédicte Sennelier-Portet, R&D Green Fractionation Manager, comments: “Our scientists in R&D Green Fractionation have identified and optimized a plant-derived active ingredient offering an unprecedented solution to mimic all the positive effects of sunlight. Of 100% natural origin and Cosmos compliant, Neuroglow™ prepares the skin for sun exposure, promotes a healthier tanning process and even protects the skin from the potential side effects of overexposure. The result? A healthy glow and enhanced wellbeing all year round, even when combined with SPF, highlighting the benefits of the sun.”

To learn more about the new ingredient and its marketing concept, Givaudan invites you to connect to uxbeauty.givaudan.com, Givaudan Active Beauty’s digital platform dedicated to cosmetic ingredients.


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