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Symrise's Frescolat ML Found to Have Deodorant Efficacy

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New data from Symrise has found Frescolat ML can also be used for deodorant formulations.


Symrise has updated its data on Frescolat ML (INCI: Menthyl Lactate), which was found to support deodorant activity.

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Symrise's latest studies show that in addition to delivering freshness, Frescolat ML supports deodorant activity in two ways:

  • reducing body odor: limiting underarm sweat odor up to 48 hr by managing the formation of odorous sweat compounds and;
  • acting on the axillary microbiome management: decreasing sweat odor by reducing anaerobic bacteria development only.

The active is available in three formats to fit a variety of formulation needs: Frescolat ML, containing L-menthol and natural lactic acid; Frescolat ML Nat. as 100% natural menthyl lactate; and Frescolat ML Cryst. as crystalline menthyl lactate.

According to the company, a patent has been filled for Frescolat ML regarding efficacy on anaerobic bacteria.

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