Kao Uses Natural Phytic Acid to Brighten Teeth

Kao Corp. has created a toothpaste that removes stain deposits from teeth at the nano level, leaving teeth white and bright. Medicated Pyuora Nano-bright Toothpaste has been added to the Medicated Pyuora line for managing a clean and healthy oral environment.

The toothpaste is formulated with natural phytic acid to brighten teeth. Phytic acid is found in rice bran and unpolished rice and is used as a stabilizer for food products. The ingredient reportedly removes persistent stain deposits at a nano level. The product also incorporates erythritol as a cleaning agent to permeate collected bacterial plaque and facilitate its dispersion.

Triclosan is included in the product in addition to vitamin E. The product is said to improve blood circulation and prevent swelling and bleeding caused by pyorrhea and gingivitis.

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