Dental Supplies On the Rise

The U.S. dental supplies market is expected to become a $22.5 billion market by 2010, according to the Freedonia Group, Inc. The 5.5% rise in sales is contingent upon many factors, according to the company, including population trends, economic conditions and interest in cosmetic dentistry.

One factor that will contribute greatly to the growth in dental supplies will be the increasing interest of baby boomers in cosmetic dentistry, according to Freedonia. Those over 50 are also reportedly expected to become more interested in repair or restoring dental products.  In addition to a growth in dental procedures, more dental professionals are also forecasted to take on more cosmetic procedures.

Although the demand for professional dental products has grown to 83%, OTC dental products are also on the rise, according to the company. Even with the competition of OTCdental products, the change in dental procedures from "drill and fill" to a more aesthetically pleasing process will continue to propel the dental supplies market.

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