[video] Student Poster: The Use of a Spectrophotometer in Hair Color


Regarding her poster presentation on the use of a spectrophotometer for hair color measurements, Elvia Iniguez, of the College of Lake County, IL, USA, noted, "I wanted to show how this instrument could be used in quality control."

She presented her work during the most recent Midwest SCC TeamWorks exhibition and trade show, held in Chicago in 2018. 

According to her poster abstract, "The hair color industry has always been a very successful business. Our job as formulators is to always produce reproducible batches, time after time. A benefit of using this instrument is to quantify the color deposit on the hair follicles."

She explained spectrophotometers are ideal testing devices for color formulation and color system development, as well as color quality control throughout production. This establishes a specification for each color that can be used to approve batches and reject those that are outside of the established range.

The instrument is based on the L.A.B scale, which gives an initial reading of the amount of color deposited. "This can be a helpful tool during approval of batches and color retention, and color loss measurements to help determine the performance of products in the market," she wrote.

Watch her brief video interview, here:

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