Expanded Parameters for Particle Analysis

Fluid Imaging Technologies (Edgecomb, Md., USA) has launched a particle analysis instrument that permits analysis with intensity, transparency, color, ABD volume, compactness, roughness, elongation and ESD volume in addition to the traditional particle length, width, aspect ration and other traditional measurement parameters. FlowCAM features a range of 23 different measurement parameters and also provides an advanced suite of specialized parameters for analyzing and sizing spherical particles that exceed the capabilities of any existing technology, according to the company.

FlowCAM was developed for laboratory and R&D managers, process engineers, quality control managers, research scientists, chemists, product development engineers and others involved in particle analysis. The instrument reportedly automatically images every particle in a discrete fluid sample or continuously in process. Each image is saved in full color with its corresponding data set in a spreadsheet format or patented interactive scattergram for in-depth review, analysis and collaborative review by email.

The instrument with be unveiled on Feb. 26, 2007, at Pittcon 2007 in Chicago. For more information, visit Fluid Imaging Technologies' website.

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