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Animal-free Test Detects CLP 1A and 1B Allergens with High Accuracy

A new animal-alternative, biomarker-based in vitro test from SensaGen has been shown to successfully identify and classify CLP Class 1A and 1B chemical sensitizers with 82% accuracy.

Europe Calls for Global Animal Testing Ban

Members of the European Parliament are calling for a worldwide ban on animal testing for cosmetics. This follows two recent moves by the U.S. states of California and Hawaii.

HaCaSens: New Hope for Non-animal Sensitization Testing

New research out of South Korea gives product developers hope in the search for animal test alternatives to detect skin sensitizers. The study, published in Toxicology In vitro, explains a simple and reproducible assay based on HaCaT cells.

Animal Testing Alternatives Reach China

China's Zhejiang regulatory body opened doors on a new testing lab that will employ only alternative methods, keeping in check with global trends that turn away from animal testing.

Recycled Skin: A U.S.-bound, Animal-alternative Test Substrate

Unlike animal, bioprinted or lab-grown skin, real, live human skin that is viably maintained can more realistically provide data on the toxicity and efficacy of drugs and compounds of interest. This is the focus of U.S. biotech newcomer Genoskin.

Is This the Tail End of Animal Testing for Cosmetics and Personal Care?

With awareness of animal testing rising--due in part to conversations via social media and an influx of companies granting "cruelty-free" wishes--brands that are slow to omit animal testing may see consumers opting for other products they know have never been tested on animals.

Australia to Ban Animal Testing on Cosmetics

The bills that will dictate regulatory framework are currently before parliament.

Kao and Shiseido Tackle Animal-alternative Skin Sensitization Test

Skin sensitization is neither simple nor desired, but options to test and prevent it have relied heavily on animal testing—until now, thanks to Japanese cosmetic giants Kao and Shiseido.

Can New Approaches Pave the Way for Better Toxicology?

The ECHA is hosting a topical scientific workshop April 19-20 that examines new approaches to animal testing alternatives and chemical safety assessments.

Animal Testing's in the Hot Seat in Korea

Activists for alternatives to animal testing and industry groups hosted a forum to pressure Korea's lawmakers to prioritize investment in new approaches to cosmetics safety testing.

3D Printed Skin Animal Test Alternative

San Diego-based Organovo announced a partnership with cosmetics giant L'Oréal to develop 3D bioprinted skin tissue for the beauty product testing.

Taiwan Proposes Animal Testing Ban for Cosmetics

Legislator Wang Yu-min and the Taiwan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) proposed a bill advocating the #BeCrueltyFree Taiwan campaign, which would ban the animal testing of cosmetics in Taiwan.

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