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Chocolate and Wine: The Perfect Match for Skin?

The International Journal of Molecular Sciences had us at "hello" this month, with a new study comparing the phenolic compounds in chocolate (actually, cocoa by-products) vs. wine (okay, grape seed) extracts for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory skin benefits.

UPDATED: How Smart Devices are Changing Hair and Skin Care Routines

With products ranging from smart hairbrushes to wearable UV skin patches it is safe to say that technology is slowly but surely shaping the beauty industry.

Skin Barrier Impaired? Two 'TEWLs' to Tell

It has been proposed that topical treatment using linoleic acid can repair defective barrier function in damaged skin. The present article tests this theory and compares the results using two types of TEWL measurements: open and closed chamber.

The Best Sunscreen? The One People Will Use.

This guest advisor commentary comes from regular Cosmetics & Toiletries contributor and photochemistry expert Craig Bonda, president of Inception Partners, LLC, and technical consultant to the sunscreen industry.

Enhanced with Critical Thinking

Butterflies in my stomach, that’s what I’m feeling. Both excited and nervous. Why? In this issue of Cosmetics & Toiletries, we’re trying something different. Our cover story is about safer sun protection but not in a way you’re used to; it's controversial.

Raman Imaging Produces Melanoma 'Snapshot'

Pheomelanin is the red/blond pigment. Its presence has been associated with an elevated risk of melanoma. However, a new technique has been developed to visualize it, which could serve as an early indicator.

Corn-derived Biosurfactant Shows Lower Temp = Higher Hair Adsorption

Want faster hair adsorption? Lower the temperature. As least, that's what one study with a corn-derived biosurfactant, from the Royal Society of Chemistry, showed.

The Perplexing Topic of Hair 'Type': How Do We Classify Hair?

Most hair-related properties and issues can be rationalized by fiber size and shape, and/or the consequences of extreme conditions. However, the varying reactivity of different hair types with chemical treatments suggests potential differences in structure.

Hydration Detection as Simple as a Selfie?

What do you get when you cross the selfie with skin care research and a few brilliant engineers? The mobile turgor test.

IFSCC Has Some Fun with Sun

Sunscreen failure, SPF as a myth, an alternative vitamin D and others were topics of discussion at the sun care session during the IFSCC Congress. Following are some highlights.

Prove It: At-home Use Studies

In-home usage studies put your beauty care brand to the test and yield compelling consumer claims.

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