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Author Commentary: John Jiménez and Mauricio Guzman Alonzo on Synesthesia in Cosmetics

Most everyone knows what it's like to be a consumer. More recently, product developers have been tapping into this experience to evoke emotional connections in consumers. John Jiménez and Mauricio Guzman Alonzo, authors in our latest issue, have been leading this charge for cosmetics development. Here, they share their insights.

Europe Calls for Global Animal Testing Ban

Members of the European Parliament are calling for a worldwide ban on animal testing for cosmetics. This follows two recent moves by the U.S. states of California and Hawaii.

Researchers Construct 3-D Bioprinted Skin Pigmentation

Bioprinted skin can now incorporate accurate skin pigmentation patterns, as reported by new research published in Biofabrication.

Symrise’s Thermolat Reveals Warming Test Results

“Thanks to its safe and gentle effect, Thermolat can be used in a very wide range of care and beauty products and gives them the ability to create a cozy warm feeling.”

Words from Wiechers on 'Snake Oil Sellers'

Now more than ever, "snake oil sellers" have access to consumers, which may be, in part, why the industry is consistently under attack. In this first installment of our new "Words from Wiechers" series, column editor Tony O'Lenick shares lessons for the betterment of both formulas and the industry's overall credibility.

Micelle Mash-up: Study Explores Surfactant vs. Fragrance Partitioning

What happens to the fragrance when you swap out one surfactant in a composition for another? That's what researchers at Firmenich wanted to find out; a newly published study explains.

Oxygen Breathes Life Into Hair Regeneration Research

Oxygen-permeable silicone was the key to recent research in Biomaterials, developed in hopes to bring about new hair regeneration treatments.

Testing Tactics in Skin: A View of Visible Light Protection

Blue light, in particular, may be responsible for most of the adverse skin reactions caused by visible wavelengths. This column reviews methods to screen for materials that protect against blue light but also allow its benefits to shine through.

IBR Introduces New Data for IBR-Dormin

IBR has introduced new data for IBR-Dormin with ex vivo and in vivo testing proving the ingredient helps slow the growth of hair, while also smoothing and conditioning the skin for both women and men.

BASF and CTIBiotech Collaborate on 3D Human Sebaceous Gland Technology

The new technology could prove significant for those studying how sebaceous glands function in relation many skin disorders.

BRAIN AG and Mannheim University of Applied Sciences Publish Article on 3D Skin Models

The article provides a comprehensive table comparing available 3D skin models.

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