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Koel Colors Eye Makeup and Soaps

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Koel Colours has rolled out eye makeup pigments and Altered Aqua, a series of water-based dispersions of pigments for cosmetic and personal care applications.


Koel Colours has introduced two color pigment collections, one collection for eye makeup and the other, Altered Aqua, containing water pigment dispersions for soap.

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With eye makeup trending recently due to mask-wearing, the company has developed color cosmetics such as mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow. For mascara, the company offers Iron Blue (INCI: CI 77510), Manganese Violet (INCI: CI 77742) and Hydrated Chrome Oxide Green (INCI: Not Provided).

For eyeliner, the company has Altered Karbon (INCI: Not Provided), Ultramarine Blue (INCI: CI 77007) and Ultramarine Violet (INCI: CI 77007). Finally, FD&C Red 40 Lake (INCI: CI 16035) can be used for a bold eye shadow look.

Altered Aqua is a series of water-based pigment dispersions for cosmetic and personal care. According to the company, while powder pigments are used to color personal care applications, formulators can have technical challenges in terms of dispersing the pigments uniformly with water or glycerin. The company also points out dusting issues while dispersing pigments can concentrate and blot the product.

With that, the company rolled out Light Yellow, a dispersion of Yellow 1; Red, a dispersion of Red 5; Blue, a dispersion of phthalocyanine blue (Blue 15:1); Green, a dispersion of phthalocyanine green (Green 7); Yellow, a dispersion of Yellow 3; and Black, a dispersion of Carbon Black (Black 7).

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