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Sephora Collection’s Melting Lip Clicks

This lipstick-oil hybrid “melts” into lips with a formula containing castor seed oil and hyaluronate to provide color and shine.

Shiseido 'Reimagines' Makeup Products for Newest Collection

The new collection, consisting of 21 products and 124 shades, focuses on the theme "visible feels invisible."

Pretty Vulgar's Detox and Chill Lava Water Foundation Primer

This primer reportedly provides antioxidant, skin smoothing and detoxifying benefits, courtesy of ingredients such as sea water, charcoal powder and dragon's blood extract.

Patent Pick: Under-eye Coverage in a New Light

Light scattering with fluorescent emissions has been used to mask dark under-eye circles. However, in a new patent, Estée Lauder inventors look to stabilized riboflavin for novel camouflage effects.

Multifunctional SEPPIC Polymer Enables Biodegradable Benefits

The ingredient is meant to provide thickening, stabilizing and texturizing benefits for multiple applications while supporting sustainable origin and manufacturing claims.

It's a Sign: Zodiac-inspired Makeup Collections

This trend, which often features limited-edition products and collections, encourages consumers to purchase the makeup that was inspired by their individual zodiac sign.

Beautyblender Launches Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation

The foundation's packaging was designed to work seamlessly with a Beautyblender sponge

Touch in Sol's No Poreblem Priming Eraser

Meant to blur the complexion for a soft-touch finish, this primer is also marketed to protect and smooth skin with ingredients such as green tea and jojoba oil.

Lush Labs Launches Slap Stick Foundation in 40 Shades

The foundation is also meant to hydrate, soften and rejuvenate the skin with each application.

Bio-based Acetone Nails Sustainable Manicures

Sustainability is on consumers’ minds (and now on their nails) thanks to a fermented sugar-derived acetone ingredient that formulators can "drop in" to existing formulations.

GlamGlow Enters the Color Cosmetics Market

The GlowPowder Hyaluronic Acid Infused Glow Palette is meant to diffuse light, blur imperfections, smooth, refine and enhance your skin.

Omya Releases Functional Mineral Worldwide

This mineral ingredient can be used in a variety of color applications, including foundations, compact powders and lipsticks.

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