Enhancing Sensory Experience in Oral Care

March 9, 2017 | By: BASF
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Lady Brushing Teeth

The sensorial impact of oral care products is as important as their efficacy for consumers. The ingredients should aim to create an enjoyable and pleasing regimen. BASF’s Pluracare F127® NF Prill is an excellent solubilizer for a variety of essential oils, flavors and active ingredients, without adverse dermatological or mucosal effects. It can also be used as a mild surfactant helping mitigate the irritation of formulations containing harsh surfactants.

Pluracare® NF 127 has a unique ability to form crystal clear gels in water, which are chemically stable to acids, bases, oxidizing and reducing agents and also stable in high and low pH. Due to Prill form and particle size, Pluracare F127® NF offers improved solubilization which results in less energy consumption and process time for our customers


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