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Men's Care Formulary

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Skin Care

Sculpted ABDO Lotion


Why should consumers' abs do all the work? Compliment their workout by stimulating fat-burning with this formula, containing a synergistic blend of caffeine-rich botanicals. These natural actives are delivered in a fast-breaking lotion that spreads easily and absorbs quickly for the man on-the-go.

Men's Care

Recovery Boost Eye Refresher for Men

Evonik Industries AG

Men's Care

Shaving Oil for Men


This unique shave oil does not rely on foam or lather to provide a clean, close shave. Rather, the shave oil lubricates the skin and beard in a way that only botanical oils can. Razor friction is reduced, the closeness of the shave is enhanced and irritation is virtually eliminated. Only a few drops are required to provide a clean, close, and smooth shave.

Skin Care


Induchem AG

M-serum is a high class concept product made for men and envied by women. This hit formula has a light texture, is easy to spread and penetrates quickly. M-serum leaves an instant freshness on the skin. With 47.5% of actives, this blue serum is multitasking to: firm and reshape, hydrate, erase dark circles and remove lines.


Brighten the Day Roll-on Antiperspirant

Lonza Personal Care

Sun Care

Men's Sport Sunscreen Spray (Latin America)

Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.

This formula (Measured In-Vitro Very Water Resistant SPF 38) is ideal for men with active lifestyles due to the sweat-resistant and water-resistant formulation design. It offers fast and easy coverage designed to offer effective UVA/UVB protection. Schercemol DIA Ester allows excellent spreadability and Schercemol SHS Ester promotes a comfortable feeling. Pemulen TR-2 Polymeric Emulsifier and SilSense DW-18 Silicone provide stabilization of this spray system while Avalure UR 450 Polymer, a film former, is designed to provide the very water-resistant benefit.



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