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The 'Ultra-clean' Sun Care Choice for Active Consumers

The product is meant to disappear evenly on skin tones, be water-resistance for up to 80 minutes and provide safe, clean and effective sun protection.

Lactobiotyl by Silab

Silab drew inspiration from the adaptation properties of a desert plant postbiotic, Lactobacillus arizonensis, for skin care benefits.

Beracare CBA Bears Alternative to CBD

Beraca will unveil Beracare CBA at in-cosmetics global—a safe and natural alternative for CBD to reduce inflammation and produce β-endorphin. Also launching is an Açai Extract for a natural and sustainable way to tackle anti-aging.

Ashland’s in-cos Gel Lab to Cover Textured Hair

Join host Tuttu Nuutinen at Ashland’s in-cosmetics lab to learn how to create a natural polysaccharide-based styling gel for textured hair. Also during the event, the company will debut Infini’tea to the European market for yoga-like, balanced benefits for the skin.

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