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Supplier Forum: Making Naturals Functional

Naturals—consumers have rallied for them, but are they always as effective as their synthetic counterparts? In this month's Supplier Forum, experts weighed in on methods to make natural ingredients functional.

Kinfield Offers Range of Plant-based Outdoor Essentials

Kinfield's range of outdoor products includes Sunday Spray, Golden Hour repellent and Waterbalm.

BGS Kids SPF 50 by Black Girl Sunscreen

Created for children of color, Black Girl Sunscreen's BGS Kids SPF 50 is a moisturizing sunscreen for face and body.

My Black is Beautiful Launches Hair Care Collection at Sally Beauty

"The My Black is Beautiful line of hair products was inspired by the 2.6 million women in our online community who have evolving and diverse beauty needs."

Shiseido Rolls Out Optune Personalized Skin Care

The personalized skin care system draws from 80,000 patterns to offer users solutions geared towards their specific needs.

Read the Label: Weleda Baby Derma Sensitive Care Face Cream—White Mallow

Fragrance-free and vegan in nature, this facial cream has reportedly been tested and shown to strengthen the skin's protective function. Read on to learn Katerina Steventon's take on its ingredients and claims.

Creating Natural Balms, Minus Lanolin or Petroleum Jelly

This ingredient creates rich, translucent balm formulations without the use of lanolin or petroleum jelly, for use in skin, body and hair care.

Innospec Active Chemicals’ Pureact 138

Naturally derived, this surfactant blend provides exceptional foaming.

Sytheon’s Synastol TC

This ingredient provides a holistic natural solution to the negative effects of pollution and blue light.

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