Evonik Silica Blocks Tooth Sensitivity


To meet the needs of the large number of consumers suffering from tooth sensitivity—estimated to be almost 50% of the populationEvonik launched Spherilex 148 (INCI: Hydrated Silica), a naturally derived, mineral precipitated silica with a spherical shape for use in toothpastes to combat sensitivity.

Tooth sensitivity can be caused by aging-related gum recession; erosion from acidic beverages; and teeth grinding; among other conditions. These factors leave the dentin of teeth exposed, allowing fluid to travel through its tubules to stimulate nerves and cause pain. The present ingredient is meant to occlude these tubules, preventing pain from occurring.

Spherilex 148 is also meant to provide high cleaning at low concentrations, reduce wear on enamel surfaces; leave behind a smooth mouthfeel; increase production efficiency through rapid dispersion and create lower wear on equipment when compared to similar ingredients.

The ingredient is recommended to be used at 2-5% concentration.

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