Nutricosmetics on the Rise

In an attempt to slow the aging process without invasive surgery, the personal care industry is seeing the emergence of nutricosmetic products, as PRNewswire reported in a recent press release. The link between cosmetics and nutritional supplements is strengthening as the shared goal of skin health and healthy-looking skin has become more apparent between the two. And as this commonality has become more evident, companies are marketing based on the concept of “beauty from within” with personal care systems designed to topically and systemically treat the skin.

Carrie Mellage, industry manager of the Consumer Products division for Kline's research division, said in the report: “In Japan, there are specialty stores and department store counters devoted solely to the sale of beauty supplements from companies like Shiseido, and nutricosmetics are widely available in pharmacies in Western Europe. But in North America, the concept is just gaining ground with newer brands like Borba."

Nutricosmetics--such as botanical actives, enzymes, proteins and --reportedly are gaining ground globally as consumers are seeking products to slow the effects of aging. Kline & Company's latest study reported this sector now totals nearly US$1 billion and is expected to show double-digit growth through the next five years.


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