Trending: Neon Lashes, Florence by Mills, Makeup, 2000s Makeup and More

Per Spate, 'neon fake lashes' tags are up 26,647% week over week.
Per Spate, "neon fake lashes" tags are up 26,647% week over week.
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Our weekly Consumer Pulse on the socials uncovers insights in cosmetic-related consumer searches. Trending now are: Florency Cosmetícos and Florence by Mills, Makeup and face shape, 2000s makeup, lion's mane and collagen supplements, sock waves and neon lashes.

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Florency Cosmetícos and Florence by Mills

Searches on "Florency Cosmetícos" are up 1,050% per Google Trends, with no apparent news report or social media post to explain why. The company has an Instagram account with 78K followers and appears to relate to a Brazilian beauty retailer, based on the videos posted touring the store shelves.

Investigating this trend, we noted the Florence by Mills brand kept appearing in our search retrievals, so we thought we'd explore it. This American brand driven by actress Millie Bobbie Brown (aka "Mills") is positioned as clean, affordable and inclusive. Beloved by Gen Z, it recently launched a new fragrance as well as a fashion line under the view of expressing your "wild, authentic you."

The brand is currently highlighting new acne product launches, among others, including the Spot a Spot exfoliating acne solution. The formula features 2% salicylic acid plus allantoin and amino acids to cushion, calm and comfort skin. This aligns with the recently described Gentle Skin Care Revolution.

Ingredients: Spot a spot exfoliating acne solution: Water (Aqua), Butylene Glycol, Arginine, Lactic Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Allantoin, Potassium Sorbate, Glycolic Acid, Glycerin, Centella Asiatica Extract, Malpighia Emarginata (Acerola) Fruit Extract.

Makeup and Face Shape

Also growing are searches on "Makeup" and " face shape," +800% and +550%, respectively, per Google Trends. This relates to the digital platform creator Perfect Corp, which partnered last year with Wal-mart to support cosmetic product sampling using augmented reality (AR). The company's latest tool recommends makeup contouring based on face shapes. It also estimates the user's age and reports other facial features.

2000s Makeup

Interest in "2000s makeup" is up 200%, according to Google Trends, which appears related to the viral TikTok trend, especially in Asia, to replicate the look of Korean singer Lee Hyori. She reportedly had a hit song in 2003 called "10 minutes," which has apparently become the theme music for many of these videos. The 2000s look can be described as glossy lips, cool eyeshadows, straightened hair and pale blush.

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Lion's Mane and Collagen Supplements

Lion's mane and collagen supplements are highlighted by Exploding Topics as growing product searches. This is not surprising, considering today's demand for nutricosmetic and beauty-from-within solutions. Lion's mane is up 208% in the past two years, per the source, and is touted more for its health benefits, although it has reported anti-inflammatory and antioxidant functions. Collagen gummies, with obvious skin barrier-building effects, are up 77% in the past two years.

Sock Waves and Neon Lashes

Lastly, Spate's TikTok hashtag tracker reports increased tags related to "sock waves" (+388,200% week over week) and "neon fake lashes" (+26,647%, week over week). The term "sock waves" describes a heatless technique to create waves in hair. Essentially, an individual wets hair and wraps it around a sock, rolling it up to sleep on overnight. By morning, hair is set, having dried in a curled configuration, which is unraveled to reveal soft waves.

Neon fake lashes are what you would expect, although achieved in a few ways. One approach shown on social media involves the user coating fake lashes with a pigment, allowing them to dry, then applying them. The result is lashes that glow under black light. Notably, one user debated whether this application for the pigment was FDA approved. In relation, a recent story by Vietnam Lash describes neon lash extensions as "the latest sensation in town." In this case, the extensions are actually produced in neon colors.

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