BASF Color & Effects Formulates ‘Inside Out’ From Packaging to Pigments

Basf Colors And Effect Inside Out
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Considering consumer demand for sustainable product design in all aspects, BASF’s Colors & Effects Inside Out project supports cosmetic customers with a combined approach for safe, sustainable pigments in both cosmetic formulas as well as packaging materials.

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According to BASF Colors & Effects, bright colors and sparkling effects are a relevant selling factor in the consumer goods market as well as in decorative packaging. “Our stylings showcase the Lumina Royal family of products, especially our Lumina Royal Blue Russet EH 3007 (INCI: Not Provided) that achieves a bold shade—bringing brilliance to sensitive application packaging,” stated Meli Laurance, commercial marketing manager for plastics at the company.

For packaging application in dark or gray tones, the high purity pigment Sicopal Black K 0098 FK (INCI: Not Provided) was designed to be detected at material recycling facilities. According to the company, black colorants that are based on carbon black remain undetected by waste-sorting machines due to the pigment's high absorbing properties. Replacing carbon black with the NIR-reflecting Sicopal Black K 0098 FK can make it possible for cosmetic packaging to remain in the recycling loop.

As a way to breakdown the pigments, the company noted that Cloisonné Vibrant Raspberry F90H, Chione Galactic Gold S232U, Reflecks MultiDimensions Shifting Sapphire G680D and Flamenco Winter Sparkle 130Q are meant to be on "Inside," meaning that these pigments are meant to be formulated in the cosmetic itself; and Lumina Royal Blue Russet EH 3007, Lumina Royal Dragon Gold 9S282D, Sicopal Black K 0098 FK and Paliotol Yellow K 1750 are meant to be used on the "Outside" as a packaging pigment. 

“With our Cloisonné Vibrant Raspberry F90H (INCI: Mica (and) Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891) (and) Iron Oxides (CI 77491) (and) Silica) we enable ‘clean’ and vegan formulations with bold, magenta and pink effect pigments,” said Genevieve Lee, associate marketing manager for the company. “Globally approved for all color cosmetics, skin care and personal care applications, Cloisonné Vibrant Raspberry is based on ethically and sustainably sourced natural mica from the United States.”

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