Assessing the Effects of Blue Light on the Skin in New Validated Method

Genemarkers Ct2206 Lead

The COVID-19 pandemic brought more people indoors, spending more time in front of computers, phones and other blue light-emitting devices.

Studies have shown blue light, also known as high-energy visible (HEV) light, can have damaging effects on the skin. Despite the increased concern, methods for testing the effects of blue light using in vitro models are lacking.

Genemarkers has developed a reproducible method for measuring the effects of blue light using an in vitro skin tissue model. Studies were performed using a custom-built blue light chamber that can be housed in a laboratory incubator. A series of experiments were performed to optimize the exposure period and to assess the effects on gene and protein expression. The experiments were repeated up to 8× to ensure reproducibility.

The studies showed that daily exposure to blue light produced dose- and time-dependent changes in biomarkers associated with skin health. Exposure to blue light consistently regulated 43 genes, including increased expression of genes that regulate inflammation and oxidative stress pathways, and decreased expression of genes that maintain the skin barrier and tissue integrity.

Exposure to blue light significantly increased protein biomarkers associated with aging and tissue damage. Treatment of the tissues with ascorbic acid inhibited the effects of blue light at both the gene and protein levels, demonstrating a role in protection. 

Genemarkers has launched this new blue light testing service that includes a new gene expression panel that contains 52 genes that regulate pathways associated with oxidative stress, inflammation and skin aging.




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