BASF Tool Analyzes Sun Care's Environmental Impact


How are sunscreens and their ingredients affecting the environment? BASF launched a tool to help answer that question and help brands to create more sustainable sun care.

EcoSun Pass is a methodology to transparently evaluate the environmental compatibility of UV filter systems in sunscreens. It comprises eight parameters—including biodegradation, aquatic toxicity and endocrine disruption potential—that consider the impact of individual UV filters along with an environmental evaluation of filter systems as a whole.

The tool supplements the company's Sunscreen Simulator, an online laboratory for developing sun care formulations that can be altered for different performance parameters. The system allows for dynamic calculations and side-by-side comparisons among multiple UV filter compositions. The goal is to optimize formulas quickly to support speed to market.

"... We want to support our customers in increasing the environmental compatibility of their products. On the basics of latest scientific findings, our EcoSun Pass enables us to advise formulators already during the development stage, which UV filter combinations are best suited for their application both the consumer and the environment," commented Christian Cremer, Ph.D., director Global Development & Technical Service UV Protection, Personal Care Solutions Europe.

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