IBR Introduces New Data for IBR-Dormin


IBR Ltd. has introduced new data for its ingredient, IBR-Dormin (INCI: Narcissus Tazetta Bulb Extract), which has the ability to decrease hair regrowth, density and thickness, while increasing skin's softness.

The ingredient is ideal to use for both the body and the face for women and men. It can be utilized before and after depilatory products and shaving products, deodorant and products for excessive body and facial hair.

Ex vivo showed using 0.02% IBR-Dormin reduced hair shaft elongation by 34%. The test also showed the hair follicle started the transition from growth to resting phase.

At in vivo, the delay of hair growth after waxing was proven with 0.2% IBR-Dormin cream and the delay of men’s facial hair regrowth after shaving was shown with 3% of IBR-Dormin gel-cream.

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