New In Vitro Data for Alban Muller's Protectami Skin Defense Solution


Alban Muller has recently tested in vitro Protectami (INCI: Glycerin (and) Padina Pavonica Thallus Extract), its solution to combat aging and the effects of pollution. This marine active is a purified extract of Padina pavonica, a brown algae from the Mediterranean Sea.

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The ingredient was found to increase skin elasticity by activating the synthesis and maturation of elastin, while decreasing the activity of elastase enzymatic degradation. It also increased cytokeratins and desmosomial proteins, and improved cell communication between keratinocytes.

The active helps stimulate the resistance of the skin via a better biodisponibility—or bioavailability—of calcium. Cellular cohesion, weakened by age, is increased with the application of the material, allowing the skin to protect from outside aggressors such as pollutants.

Additionally, the ingredient reduces skin irritation due to pollution with an anti-inflammatory action, leaving soothed skin.

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