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Zeta Potential and Particle Size to Predict Emulsion Stability

Lightening Skin Through a Melanogenesis-interrupting Peptide

Quantifying the Performance of Hair Styling Products—Part 1

From the Archives … Flexabrasion: A Method for Evaluating Hair Strength

Designing Mild Personal Care Products: A Case Study

Tape Stripping Method in Humans: Comparison of Evaporimetric Methods

Analyzing Deposition from Rinse-off Hair Products

A Dermatological View: Antioxidant Inhibits UV Erythema In Vivo in Humans

Method to Reproduce In vitro Cosmetic Product Photostability Findings

Sandblasting to Improve the Reproducibility of In vitro Sunscreen Evaluation

Collagens I and III, and Elastin Activation for Anti-aging

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