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Assessing the Impact of Hair Damage Types on Color Retention

Water Content, Nanoparticles and Skin Penetration in Brazil: Lindo Maravilhoso!

Oak, Green Tea and Orange Derivatives to Disrupt JAK/STAT, NF-κB Irritation Pathways

UV Transmission Assessment: Influence of Temperature on Substrate Surface

Antiaging in a Different Light: Assessing How Chromophores Color Perception

Hair Color Vibrance Factor to Characterize Shine and Color Intensity*

Mature and Immature Corneocyte Detection Force Distance Curves vs. Microfluorometry

Evaluating Essential Oils in Cosmetics: Antioxidant Capacity and Functionality

Testing in Cosmetic Valley

A Rapid and Sensitive In vitro Method to Ascertain Antioxidative Capacity*

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