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Responsilbilities in Outsourcing Clinical Testing

UV Transmission Assessment: Influence of Temperature on Substrate Surface

‘How Did THAT Get in There?’ Identifying Particulate Contamination in Products and Packaging

Evaluating Water Permeability and Occlusion in Wound Dressings and Topical Cosmetics

DNA: Hard Evidence of Cosmeceutical Claims

In Vitro Model for Decontamination of Human Skin

Water Content, Nanoparticles and Skin Penetration in Brazil: Lindo Maravilhoso!

Fluorescence LSCM to Assess the Penetration of Low Molecular Protein Hydrolyzates Into Hair

A Review of Genomic Techniques in Cosmetics Testing

It's All in the Perception

Assessing the Impact of Hair Damage Types on Color Retention

It's All in the Perception

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